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2011 December Message From The President
2006 June 14th Senior Management Development Program (SMDP)
2005 August ASEAN Advanced Senior Management Development Program
2004 July 27 and Going Strong
May Senior Management Development Programme
January The 13th Senior Management Development Programme
2003 October 26th Anniversary Dinner
July Our Contribution Towards a K-Society
March Gift of Gold
2002 December An Evening with the King
2001 March Dinner with the Prime Minister
January Programme of Activities
1999 November A Dance and Song Performed
1998 March Dean Clark HBS in Kuala Lumpur
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1995 October New Names in Concert
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1993 April Manager Of the Year
January Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia
1992 November Letters from SMDP Professors
July Charles D Roxburgh Manager of The Year 1991
1991 August Family Day Visit to MASCO
April Manager Of the Year Award 1990
1990 October The 6th SMDP 1990 – Ayer Keroh
1989 October Ted Levitt’s Dinner Talk
August 7th Gold Medal Award 1989
April Visit to Agricultural Park
February Club Priorities 1989
1988 September 6th Gold Medal Award Winner
1987 July 5th Gold Medal Award
January Manager Of the Year 1986
1986 July Best Student Gold Award Dinner